What Guruji is...

Shri Shri 1008 Kapalik Mahakal Bhairavanand Saraswati is regarded as the greatest Kapalik Tantrik of our times. He belongs to the Bam Dev lineage. His guru was Shri Yogananda Saraswati and dada guru was Shri Bama Khepa (Bam Dev). He left to his heavenly abode on 06th May 2019 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Ma Kamakhya Sadhak

from Ma Kamakhya Shakthipeeth, Guwahati

A Kapalik

Kapaliks follow a Tantric form of Saivism

A Tantrik

of Bama Khepa lineage

Well-known around the world

Many high-profile people have taken Guruji's blessings

Authentic Views

Clear, no-nonsense views on many aspects of religion, spirituality and today's world

A Shamshan Sadhak

who did sadhana at Kamakhya and Tarapeeth cremation grounds


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Services Offered

Guruju offers the following services currently



Spend time with Guruji and get your queries answered



Take Deeksha from Guruji



Serious aspirants would be given guidance on saadhana

Health Issues

Life Issues

Relief from issues bothering you in your life

Blackmagic removal


Blackmagic removal and protection

Relationship issues


Remedy to marital relationship problems

For All who would like to contact/meet Guruji

After performing special Kriya at Tarapith Shamsan near Kolkata on the occasion of Aghori Chaturdashi, Guruji is back at Ujjain. And we do not have any local representatives so do not pay to strangers online or offline in Guruji's name.